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THC Free CBD - CBD withno THC

THC Free CBD Edibles


When we say "THC Free CBD", its important to know EXACTLY what we mean here. Most online stores or manufacturers will just tell you a product is THC Free, but not clearly indicate what that means.  And, if you're like most people looking for CBD with No THC, you have a pretty important reason to be looking.  So, let us explain to you what this THC Free CBD really means.

Let's take it all back to the basics.  The hemp related products we carry utilize an extract from hemp.  Hemp naturally has some level of virtually ALL the cannabinoids including THC.  So, to make a hemp extract product with "no thc", the thc has to be removed somehow.  Simple enough.  Either the manufacturer can have the thc removed, which you have to question how natural of a process this could be and can really get all of it out.  Or, have they develop a strain of hemp that is naturally "free of thc".  This latter scenario is actually being done quite a bit these days.  And, because the consumer is requesting a product that is without THC, growers have developed several strains of hemp plants that are naturally "without" thc (note:  this is not the same as GMO development.  Please do not worry that these strains are GMO; they are not.  That is a completely different issue.).  We say "without" THC because you should know what that really means.

What extract "without" THC really means is that when tested, the extract has UNDETECTABLE amounts of THC.  Undetectable does not necessarily mean Zero.  It might mean that there is .00000001% of THC or something like that.  It means that the test that was conducted to measure the THC did not detect any THC.  But, technically, there could be an exceptionally minute trace in there.  We make this clear because we know our customers put a lot of trust in the information we provide.  So, if "free of thc" doesn't necessarily mean 110% free of THC, we feel the need to point it out.

Generally, anyone using these products would not test positive for THC if a drug screen is performed on them.  (Disclaimer:  We do not suggest nor recommend anyone use any of these products if a concern exists about a positive drug screen.  Rather, it is always our recommendation to discuss the use of these products with whomever may be requiring the drug screen to get their consent as to the use of these products.  Increasingly, companies and organizations are allowing the use of Hemp Extract Related Products by employees since they are not used for recreational drug use.)

You can always trust that we at CBD Edibles will do all we can to keep you informed about what matters.  We do not just throw up words and titles to get people to buy things hoping no one finds out.  We know what you put into your body is important to you, as it is to us.  We will always do what we can to share all the information we have about products.

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