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cbdadminMarch 032019

How to Buy CBD Oil


Now that we've been around for a few years and I know a lot more than I did back then, I can offer the following info to help you figure out how to buy cbd oil online.

Bottom line, virtually all the CBD Edible products we sell have the same basic "active" ingredient as their base: hemp oils extract. Whether you use the CBD Oils or CBD Edibles, they all have hemp CBD oils extract as their main ingredient. And, its the hemp extract that contains the CBD and such.  So, regardless of which product type you choose, you're still getting the hemp CBD oil extract

Now, each edible candy typically uses hemp extract from different plants all THC Free. There can be some variation between each batch of CBD Edibles, as the CBD ratios will all vary. CBD work together to create a synergistic effect, which your body may respond to differently than someone else's body. And, many people DO report a difference of effects between the types of candies. So, you may find that our brand DOES, in fact, work better for you than another. 

Similar to the CBD Edibles scenario discussed above, while the CBD Oils, Wax, Vapes, Resins will typically have the same kind of hemp extract as that of CBD Edibles, your body may respond differently to one over the other. So, there IS some "testing" that has to be done to allow you to find what brings you the greatest sense of well-being.

Finally, here is the best info we can give on how much CBD one might want to take or how to get the amount someone needs:

First, visit this page that has been shared with us by a customer who found it.  It is not our webpage, You can access this page here ----->  HOW MUCH CBD SHOULD I TAKE?


Second, here's important info about knowing how you can get what you need when you use the various product types:

CBD Drops can be measured pretty accurately so that you can calculate how many drops it takes to get a particular number of milligrams of CBD

CBD Vaporizer Oils and Topicals are generally "AS NEEDED"

CBD Edibles and Capsules have a fixed amount per piece or capsule

I truly hope this information helps.  And, remember, after clicking on a product to review the info, scroll down a little and you will see a fairly detailed description about the product.  This is the best way to compare the various products.


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